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Beer and food combinations

By on April 12, 2016

Have you ever wondered what food might best complement those chilled beers while you’re clubbing? Then look no further.

Spoonzo gives you a roundup of suggested food pairings to match a variety of beers that shall never disappoint you:

1) Beer And Pizza

Pizza make us happy, and beer makes us happy, and the two together makes us really, really happy. Guess what? Euriska in Koregaon Park lets you avail unlimited beer and one of their signature wood fired pizza just for Rs. 1000. Yeay!!… So, who’s joining us this weekend?

2) Beer and Burger

Burgers are a passion for all of us. But it seems like summer’s the ideal season to for enjoying a burger on the grill, and grilling gets even more fun with a beer in hand. For best burgers and beer, go check out The Burger Barn Café on FC Road to have a reasonable burger-beer night with your date or friends.

3) Beer and Fries


Warm French fries are addictive. Good beer is inspiring. Combined, these two worthy singular items become a symphony of gastronomic gratification. We all know the best place for French Fries which is McDonald’s but hey.. That’s not it in Pune. Jimmy Hu and RushHrs also provides a variety of fries and beer combo to go with.

4) Beer and Popcorn

We’ve always enjoyed beer with popcorn and we know we aren’t the only ones.

Try this amazing combination and make your night a healthy one!

A lesser known fact is that beer and popcorn diet is followed by many who want to lose weight and shed those extra fats.

5) Beer and Tacos


There are very few things in this world that make us happier than tacos, but one of those things is tacos-and-beer. Because a delicious ale or lager really does make the meal better.

6) Chicken Roll and Beer


Try this amazing collaboration of street style Chicken Roll and a variety of beers to choose from at The Bombay Bronx, Koregaon Park.

And for those late night hunger pangs after a heavy dose of drinks and dance, Spoonzo came across this interesting late night restaurant that’s open all night. K’s Day N Night at Karve Nagar is a Restaurant in Pune that serve from 5Pm to 5AM. Awesome food and that too in budget without any extra night charges.



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