Healthy Boozing

5 Easy Steps For Healthy Drinking

By on March 30, 2016

We know how much you love your ‘tonic’. When it comes to boozing in pubs and parties, ‘less is more’ is definitely not the right code. So, here we have some interesting hacks for you to stay up and fit even after a pumped up party!

Spoonzo brings in some excellent ideas to make you enjoy the most in your booze parties staying healthy-

Before Leaving For The Pub-


Now that you are heading towards an evening drink party, be ensured that you move out after drinking few glasses of water. This would keep the impact of drinks quite low for sure.

Go Creative-


Why always to rely on cocktail from the bartender? You could rather be a bit creative. Utilize sodium free club soda combined with wine and ice. You would come up with a hydrated cocktail drink. Get some tropical hint by making your cocktail with coconut water and experience the difference!

Selection Matters-


Needless to mention, beer is one of the most preferable drinks when it comes to booze parties. Go slow to understand what suits you and then have bounty as you get the grip.

Enhance The Blend-


How about experimenting with your drink? We have the option. This time while ordering your favorite from the bartender, ask for the drink with a small amount of water added to it. Believe it; you would find the flavor getting even better. Try it out.

Avoid Dehydration-


Fed up rising the next day holding your head in your palms? That certainly happens due to the dehydration. The reason? It’s the alcohol. Of course getting high with alcohol is the whole objective. So just gulp enough water and it would avoid the probabilities of a hangover morning post party night.

So now consider hangovers and throwing ups post partying as past aspects. If you too know better techniques for healthy drinking, do write to us. We would list them out over here.

Have fun time drinking guys!



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